"Strong as a garlic milkshake, baby"

Seventeen years ago Kentucky native B.J. Sharp packed up her kids, grabbed a bucket of chicken, and jumped on a flight to Los Angeles where she appeared on stage as a stand-up comedienne at several comedy clubs. However, after participating in a "Jam" one night where her Gospel trained blues voice, as well as her comedic story telling ability, impressed the crowd, she has been a regular on the Los Angeles club, and blues concert scene ever since.

Ms Sharp wowed 'em at the Monterey Blues Festival, and lately, you'll find her at B.B.King's Blues Club in Universal City, and Harvelle's in Santa Monica on Sundays, major venues and festivals around the world.

Incredibly, she has had trouble getting a record company to stand behind her. The "House of Blues" label thought she sounded too much like their artist Etta James, and the Kent label, to which she was signed for about five minutes, apparently messed her around.

"I've been passed around more than a two dollar whore at a Fourth of July picnic", comments the irrepressible blues diva.

You'll be passin' 'round BJ's new CD "Never Felt No Blues" now on sale at a record store near you. Lady got game, baby, so check her out @ a Blues venue near you in your neighborhood.

Clips from "Never Felt No Blues", BJ's new CD.

Can't Keep A Hold On You
I Don't Deserve
Keep On Cookin'
Cheatin' On Me

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"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you.
This is the principal difference between a dog and a man". -Mark Twain [Puddin'head Wilson]

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