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Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing. -John Erskine

A-1 Artists World Class Blues, Jazz, R&B, Latin, Swing, Classical and more.
Bluesboy's ROADHOUSE Artists, Clubs, Radio, lots o' content & links.
          #1 Blues site on West Coast.
Bluesboy's LOUNGE Live Music Listings & Links.
JazzWorld has lots of links for the straight ahead Jazz fan.
Malibu Bay Avid
          Producer's "Wet" Dream Edit Bay @ Private Malibu Beach.
          Avids, Protools, FX, MIDI Studio, Pro Editors, Sauna, Surf & Scuba, Live-In.
West Valley Video Video/Sound/Music           Production & Post.

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

A-1 Hot Links

Music Charts All Over the World
Billboard Charts
Global Top 100 Charts
Radio Guide USA
The Demo Doctor Andy Cahan, Turtles keyboardist, produces quality demo & master recordings.
Great Day In Harlem Group photo of great jazz artists. Fun to pick 'em out.
Internet Entertainment Network Something for everyone in music, film.
The Players School of Music Check out Jeff Berlin's new music school.
LAMN Los Angeles Music Network's music biz page. Job search, commentary, music biz info.
Master Club Directory A club for everyone.
Music BiZ Online Links to radio, mags, agencies, record labels and more.
How To Make A Living As A Musician Required reading for musicians.
A.D.G. Prods Presents Music Ed. Into the 21st Century Riffs, Riddums & Comps=Music Education.
Lawrence S. Rosenberg, Esq. Entertainment and Corporate Law with a heart.
Suit Talk David L. Ainbender & Mark A. Vega on entertainment lawsuits past/present.
Psychiatric Hotline Need a shrink? This won't help,.......our advice is laughable.

Wave-Cast Surf &Weather Forcasts: Surf Alerts, Surf Reports, Surfcams. Wet.
"Chumming" or, "Life on the Bottom," the latest CD's from The Halibuts.
"Pipeline" Classic surf sounds from the Chantays as well as new stuff.
Beach Boys home page. Tour dates, info, links, etc.
alt.surfing Newsgroup for H20 surfers.
alt.surfing.longboard Newsgroup for Longboard surfers.

You wish to See? LISTEN. Hearing is a step toward Vision. -St. Bernard