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Concerts, Festivals, Corporate Conventions, Weddings, Parties, Films/Videos/Commercials.

Whatever your musical needs, A-1 will make every effort to find the perfect music for your event, film or video project.
We're here to serve your needs.

We represent proven professional musicians and bands, including WORLD CLASS Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rock, Reggae, World/Ethnic, Latin, as well as, Country, Celtic, Techno/Dance, DJ's/Mixers, Composers or Classical String Quartets....& more.

Need a royalty free music clip or a composer for your film, video or commercial?
We've got composers and clips to fit any mood. Call us and let's discuss your project.

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Clients rave about our great Musicians & Bands - we've NEVER had a complaint - but don't take our word for it, simply call or email a few of our many A-1 References.

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Artist Spotlight:
Eldred Tarmu
Eldred TarmuReal Audio Samples:
Minor Burns
by Eldad Tarmu.

From CD
Get Up Close
Eldad Tarmu, Ernie Watts, Ron Affif,
Arturo Velasco, Cengiz Yaltkaya & friends.

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We rep edit bays, editors, dv artists,
& a mobile adr trailer.

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Cal Green "Live" @Cozy'sBar&Grill (418k)
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Pinetop Perkins
Pinetop Perkins
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Over distinguished, intelligent & tasteful afficionados served.
Thanks for supporting "Live" (mostly American) Music.

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